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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keeping Safety Tips on baggage Aircraft

Before Aircraft Release Landas

* Listen to a short briefing on the security before the flight.
* Read the safety card in front of your seat.
* When the place to sit, post your seat belt.
* Amati vomitory whether there is a front or behind you, and then calculated the approximate distance of the steps go. This is especially useful when the plane experienced an emergency ..

Clothes that have a low risk

In the evacuation aircraft would not be through the emergency doors. Fiber material can be made in the very hot in terms of friction during slide, may melt even foot and can burn the body. These steps must be taken to ensure the safety and comfort in travel.
* Wearing clothing made of natural fiber materials, such as cotton, wool and leather. Natural fiber offers the best protection when going dipesawat evacuation or a fire occurs.
* Wearing clothing that is comfortable and roomy.
* Use long pants and long-sleeve shirt. Avoid wearing shorts / skirt, because this type of clothing does not complacent and do not close the meeting.
* Wearing a low right shoes, boots or sports shoes. Material shoes made of leather. Shoes that have the right level should be removed before leaving the plane through the emergency doors. It will slow in leaving the plane and are at risk of injury because serpihan shatter glass or metal materials. Also with the same reasons Avoid wearing slippers.

European Union To Send Messenger Travel Warning

European Union (EU) immediately send a messenger / representative to India to bridge the revocation process imposed restrictions flying to EU airlines Indonesia. Envoys in the near future will come to Jakarta and met with the Minister of Transportation and all the authorities in Indonesia flight.

The 51 airlines flying to Indonesia to Europe occurred since July 2007 and extended to November 2007 and extended again until now. The relief on the assessment of this unilateral EU airlines that Indonesia is not considered safe. Evaluation by EU in 2008 will be scheduled around the end of January to early February 2008. However, until now still do not have the point of light.

The European Union has offered cooperation with the Indonesian Government to send such experts or representatives Liason Officer (LO) to bridge the problem with Indonesia that such bridges. The plan representation of experts from the European Union called Ambrosini will meet with Minister of Transportation Jusman Syafii Djamal. The aim of accelerating the repeal restrictions fly.